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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mr George Bush needs to answer the following questions :
What was the aim of fighting in Afghanistan ?
Answer - To catch and bring to justice,Osama Bin Laden.Where is he ? Is this not the biggest failure of the so called best intelligence network of the world ,headed by Mr Bush.
What was the aim of fighting in Iraq ?
Answer - To find the weapons of mass destrution,dislodge Saddam Hussein and bring the law of the land in Iraq.Where are the weapons,saddam is the only prize catch.What is going on in Iraq can be heard and seen by everyone.
Their are only questions and no answers,because Mr Bush is answerable to none.Not even to the people of United States.His nonsense has become the commonsense of the nation.
The only good that Bush has done is to able to sell his weapons of mass destruction to his friends in Israel and Middleeast.Bush has also helped his friends in Arab world to increase the rate of oil and earn billions of petro dollar.

If USA Hopes to control Iraq in near future,it will require the sacrifice of atleast 50000 US soldiers and lacs of Iraqi people.US win in Afghanistan is of no value,moraly as well as materialistic also.

The Americans need to understand their faults and introspection is required to know ,what is going wrong and how to fix it peacefully.


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